Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shabby Apple Review

One of my new favorite places to see the latest in women's dresses is Shabby Apple. I love that they take a current trend and make it so wearable. Have you noticed that nautical is big right now? Shabby Apple has a whole new line of dresses with classic nautical lines and details.
How cute is the Seven Seas in Seersucker!? Flattering and let's be honest, most importantly machine washable!
Those nice Shabby Apple folks knew my brother-in-law's wedding was coming up, so they rush shipped the light grey San Gabriel dress over to me to do a review for you. So here goes, my honest opinion on my very first Shabby Apple Dress:
Each dress on the site has non-biased reviews from real women who have actually bought and worn the dress. I found these to be super helpful in choosing which dress I would pick out and what to expect from the quality and fit. There were even detailed descriptions of how big the arm holes were or what jewelry to pair it with. And if you ordered the wrong size, return it and they will ship you the right size for free! That's nice.
Being a seamstress myself, I was immediately struck by how well the dress was constructed. The fabric was beautifully ruffled and the buttons were good quality. I have never seen a dress like this before which was one of the reasons why I chose it, it is very unique.
The dress was a simple cotton material; lightweight, so it was great for an outdoor dinner in 90 degree weather. It was not lined though, which I would have expected if I had paid $86 for it. It was a total bear to iron and I have a good burn on my finger to prove it, but it is machine washable and that's definitely something to be thankful for!
So, my final word? The fact that it was not lined made me feel like the dress was a bit overpriced, but I would place a high value on the uniqueness of the dress and its wearability. Check out the website and read the reviews before you buy. I will definitely shop Shabby Apple in the future, in fact I think my next purchase will be a bathing suit. These are adorable!

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Harish said...

Sarah..I dont ve any experience about shabby apple dresses but Im sure about one thing that smiley face like this (u) can increase value of any dress